Our Sustainability Pillars include Health and Safety, Quality, People, Environment and Communities and are an inherent component of our business culture.

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The health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the communities in which we operate is of paramount importance to us. We ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all, maintain occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with international standard, ISO 45000:2018 requirements and hold our people accountable for complying with our policies and requirements.


We are guided by applicable legislation, international and national standards and best practices to ensure that solid performances driven by quality in operational, logistics and supply chain excellence in accordance with ISO 9001, underpin our health, safety and environmental objectives.

OUR people

Our greatest asset is our people. The can-do attitude in Grindrod people motivates us to take on any challenge, exceed expectations and overcome barriers. Together we are a united, agile, enthusiastic force – committed to integrity, fairness, transparency, professionalism, respect for others, accountability for our actions, shared wisdom and a common goal.

Our active commitment to transformation has created a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the demographics of our country. As an extension of this initiative, we prioritise indigenisation in the countries in which we operate. We place a strong emphasis on skills development, investing significantly in training and upskilling programmes to support our transformation and business goals and ensure the professional and personal advancement of our people.


Always mindful of the planet’s finite resources, we are committed to minimising the adverse impact of our activities on the environment.

In line with the precautionary approach, we aim to minimise the adverse impact of our activities on air, water, land and sea, biodiversity and natural resources to minimise climate change.


Establishing and maintaining respectful relationships with the communities in which we operate is critical to our sustainability as a company. We are respectful of human rights, culture and customary livelihoods and contribute positively to social and economic development. Our social responsibility favours investments in education and the environment and supports staff who are involved in these initiatives.