Grindrod, fully committed to fighting the coronavirus pandemic

Grindrod businesses have been working tirelessly during the last few days in preparation for the lock-down to ensure the safety of our people and that the business is in the best possible shape for the days ahead.

Our business CEOs will continue to liaise on a daily basis to ensure we are able to immediately respond to the country’s requests.

Said Andrew Waller, CEO Grindrod Limited: “We are very appreciative of the strong leadership being demonstrated by President Ramaphosa and his government while we work through the implications of this next period in our lives and fight the virus. His team, the medical and first responders and many of our Grindrod colleagues will be working in support of the essential services that the President has requested continues during this period. We thank them for their commitment and pray for them at this time.

Let us protect our country together, stay safe, strong and united in this fight.”