Grindrod breaking records

Congratulations to the teams at Grindrod’s drybulk terminal in the port of Maputo, Grindrod’s Matola terminal and Grindrod Multi-Purpose Terminal in the Port of Durban.

Grindrod’s terminal in the main port of Maputo achieved a remarkable milestone by handling a record-breaking 416 220 tonnes of coal. This accomplishment highlights the efficiency and capability of Grindrod’s team in handling sized coal. The terminal efficiently managed 3.7 million tonnes of coal year-to-date, surpassing last year’s total volume of 3.2 million tonnes by an impressive 14%.

Grindrod’s Matola terminal also achieved a benchmark in performance, handling 8.4 million tonnes of coal and magnetite (combined) year-to-date, breaking the 2021 record of 8.2 million tonnes handled and surpassing last year’s total volume of 8.1 million tonnes. 

Additionally, Grindrod’s Multi-Purpose Terminal in the port of Durban recorded an impressive 259 370 tonnes of cargo handled in November 2023. This represents an 85% increase compared to the average volumes handled in previous months this year, driven largely by the global demand for lithium. Grindrod’s multipurpose terminal handles a diverse range of products, including lithium, chrome, granite, and steel.

Kwazi Mabaso, CEO of Grindrod Terminals, emphasized the company’s readiness to ramp up operations at short notice, saying, “This remarkable achievement demonstrates our preparedness to meet increasing demands. It is a result of our strong relationships with customers and stakeholders, as well as our unwavering commitment to operational excellence. I am exceptionally proud of the team’s dedication and commitment.”