Portus Indico Press Release

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Portus Indico – Sociedade de Servicos Portuarios S.A. (“Portus Indico”), the 51% shareholder in MPDC – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento do Porto de Maputo, SARL (“MPDC”), which is the concession holder for the Port of Maputo, is pleased to announce that it has retained the services of Mr Osorio Lucas in the capacity of Projects Coordinator and Legal Executive. The government of Mozambique, through CFM, owns the remaining 49% shareholding in MPDC. Mr Lucas holds a Masters degree in Law and has 15 years of experience in working for CFM prior to joining Portus Indico, which included Mr Lucas serving a three year term as CFM Executive Board Director. During his period with CFM, Mr Lucas served on the boards of a number of companies, including MPDC. Mr Lucas’s primary responsibility will be to facilitate the development of the Port of Maputo in accordance with the Port of Maputo master plan, which master plan has been jointly developed by CFM and Portus Indico. Mr Joost Kruijning, a Portus Indico director, said “Mr Lucas has extensive experience of the Mozambique port and rail environment, and of the legal framework in which these operations are conducted, through his many years of service with CFM and his extensive legal background. In addition, Mr Lucas served on the board of MPDC for 7 years as a CFM representative, and was actively involved in the operation of the Port of Maputo and the development of the master plan for the Port of Maputo, and is therefore ideally placed to assist in the implementation of Portus Indico and CFM’s vision for the long term development of the Port of Maputo over the next 30 years.”

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